Why Words Matter: Turkey vs. Europe

In this panel discussion Author & social commentator Elif Shafak talks about the degrading and increasingly hostile relationship between Turkey & Europe. In doing so she compares the rising nationalism in Europe to the rising Islamism in Turkey.

This is an excellent overview of Shafak’s views on cosmopolitanism and extremism. Believing that extremism flourishes when identities are concentrated to a mono form. Be it “you are a muslim” or “you are British”, Shafak argues that cosmopolitanism and and having a multitude of identities combats the rise of “us vs. them” mentalities.

One thought on “Why Words Matter: Turkey vs. Europe

  1. I have added her book to my ‘to read’ list.

    Wonderful and timely post. I like how she expresses the ‘concentric circles’ of being… Not to bring religion in, but to me, it’s like the trinity that I learned in Sunday school, and like the Buddhist concepts that I can’t recall right now… you are all of the labels, but none of them at the same time.

    I love also that she mentions briefly the circular versus linear view of history. I had a history professor that was of the linear view and never hesitated to criticize those that had the ‘romantic’ ideal of circular history. lol. We had some lively and entertaining debates. (I’m of the impression that both are true, because humans tend to ‘forget’ and repeat things… lol.)

    Thanks again for the great video. 😉

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