Arab World’s Rising Tides of Secularism

Kuwaiti activist Nasser Dashti confronts the hypocrisy of Salafi/Wahhabi critiques of ISIS and its ideology live on Kuwaiti television. Further, he has the bravery to call for the removal of religion from public life in a country where leaving Islam is punishable by death.

Many Reports have documented the growing undercurrent of disillusionment with Theocracy in the Gulf States. And with the rise of social media, these groups and activists have become more visible and outspoken despite the obvious dangers, exemplified by the End Male Guardianship Campaign led by Saudi Women this year.

4 thoughts on “Arab World’s Rising Tides of Secularism

  1. In VERITAS The Pharmacological Endgame, I deal extensively the religious issue and the need of harmonization in the Islam world to foster progress and humanity.
    Moreover, peace and fraternity among Sunnies and Shiites Muslims are essentials to move forward economies and societies in an orderly and peaceful manner.

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  2. This is inspiring, terrifying, and everything in between. I am thankful that there is debate though… a positive direction for all. Thanks again for the very thought-provoking posts.

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  3. Religion per se is seldom malign, but there are always those who use it for their own nefarious purposes. ISIS is a case in point. Those who support it are digging their own trapholes.


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