Stand Your Ground And Fight 

I am in a genuine state of hurt and dismay but not surprise at the news of the election. I have said since The DNC disingenuously made Hillary the candidate that I didn’t think she would beat Trump.

This article is a great summation. We must now more than ever unite around Progressive politics and the movements that unite us:

“If Trump is a fascist, as liberals often said, Democrats should have put in their strongest player to stop him, not a party hack they’d chosen becauseit was her turn. 

Choosing her indicated either that Democrats didn’t mean what they said about Trump’s riskiness, that their opportunism took precedence over the country’s well-being, or maybe both.”

12 thoughts on “Stand Your Ground And Fight 

  1. I disagree… the DNC chose Hillary because Bernie would have had us all brawling at the polls yesterday. But, from the results… maybe we should just have one big freaking large free-for-all cage match and settle this once and for all. I don’t care if I lose, just so long as I get in a few good hits. I would feel a hell of a lot better than I do now.

    Sorry, not feeling very logical this morning.

    I have been supporting and defending conservative republicans that were being lumped in with the racist, fascist, sexist, bigots… but now, that racist, sexist, fascist, bigot got voted in by the conservative republicans in the primaries and now the presidency… so…now, logically, what am I left to assume?


    1. I have Muslim friends genuinely afraid of walking down the streets today – really have no capacity to respond cohesively – other than say Bernie was the only viable candidate who’s views aligned MOST With the American people based on the actual evidence. The evidence released by wiki leaks shows that his campaign was deliberately derailed and sabotaged. Hence why the head of the DNC resigned

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      1. From my point-of-view… I have been a Hillary supporter for years. And Bernie came off as a kook to me and a lot of conservatives I know. And it would have been an important message to send to conservatives to elect a woman, regardless of the politics against her…

        Do I wish that there were another female president option? Do I wonder why someone with a cleaner record, say, Elizabeth Warren rarely even enters the primaries, let alone survives the fray more than a few months? Do I think there will ever be anyone with the political clout and stamina to put up with what Hillary has gone through in TWO election cycles? Yes, of course.

        Wiki leaks can go…. well, wiki leaks and whatever Russian hacker provided the info, are no more useful to the conversation than Michael Moore has been to US politics. They are a part of the problem. They dramatize, sensationalize… poke and prod the fire…

        The reality is that this country just got played. And we fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.

        What’s new though?


  2. Misstep up there… lol. NO I don’t think that there will be another viable ‘woman’ option for president. Not for years at least… they’re too busy taking care of the kids and trying to break the glass ceiling.


  3. Hillary never understood the level of upset in the country. She didn’t show understanding or the public clamor for need for change. If she had put a progressive on as her VP (Bernie or Elizabeth), she wins. Period. She killed her campaign by a bad sales tactic — presumptive victory. She ran a conservative campaign under the assumption that she had to do nothing to win, that any actions would only lose votes.

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  4. Clinton is the archetypal US Govt warmonger. Libya, Iraq, Honduras. She’s in the pockets of big finance. And who in their right minds would trust such an inveterate liar, exposed time and time again in Congressional Hearings?
    I’m no fan of racist, bigoted, misogynist Trump, but maybe people looked and decided to vote for the honest crook and bigot. the outsider, apparently his own man.
    And… I love the Guardian’s irony, in blaming the US media for peddling Clinton propaganda. Indyref 2014 anyone?

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  5. My friends at work are very upset. I have a friend who is Muslim (though does not practice) whose family left Bosnia when she was two, right before the genocide, and she said that she has relatives who are genuinely afraid right now.

    I have another friend who doesn’t always wear hijab and actually feels saddened that now she is afraid to. She said she’s worried for her friends and family who are hijabis, as they can so easily be singled out.

    Oh well, with our thoughts (and actions) we make the world, so lets all try and make a better one, in spite of things. The coming years will tell if people are right to be worried, though if Trump holds true to his promises, people should be.

    On a more positive note, as a former Minnesotan I am happy about Ilhan Omar’s win. I find her pretty inspirational.

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  6. Let’s not forget that Clinton’s husband cheated on his wife not just once or twice but for a good period of time. He almost lost the presidency but didn’t because it was deemed that his personal failings did not impede his abilities to rule. So why can’t people wait and see if the same could be said of Trump? If we can say anything about Trump, he learns fast. And he does listen — I think to his daughter, who is probably the most (unofficially) powerful person on Earth right now!

    As for the racist thing, again, let’s see how that pans out. His comments were loose but weren’t they mostly about *illegal* immigrants? NOT to say that all illegal immigrants are what he implied… i.e. drug dealers, killers. But they were illegal.

    I have this gut feeling that he’s in there for some reason that we cannot yet see. A big picture approach and giving the benefit of the doubt, I think, are needed now.

    Btw, I’m new to politics. Been watching the news as an interested “sociologist” for years. But my main thing is spirituality. So let me have it if I’m way off! I probably am. 🙂

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  7. Have to say I follow politics closely and the rhetoric over this is completely out of hand. I am far from a Trump supporter- but he’s not exactly a fascist. And let’s not forget who he was up against- Clinton is not just a corrupt harridan- she’s also a racist that has called black people lazy and “super predators” in the past. I completely understand people being upset about Trump being President- but my sympathy for people that object to Trump and not to Clinton is not very high.

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