Why The Left is Failing Everywhere

Slavoj Zizek discusses the demise of the Left and the rise of fascism. Exploring how the dismissal of Trump and condescending, smug attitudes adopted by liberal elites was fuel to the Trump fire.

He further describes how the Left can transform and calibrate into something which offers something radically alternative and  exciting for people rather than status quo.


7 thoughts on “Why The Left is Failing Everywhere

  1. Yep. That bigotry we talked about… wished I could have worked out my thoughts clearly…

    My conservative friends, that is one of the most common complaints about liberals, snobbery. But both sides are complicit. It’s been like one big comic book for the last generation or so… Superman created Lex Luther… The Joker created Batman… back and forth, on and on…

    Thank you for keeping the conversation going.

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  2. This was fascinating. Like most my liberal friends, I was angry on election night… going through all kinds of emotions and trying to make sense of it all. Especially because the polls said we would win in a landslide. I think being Californian only made things worse, since we were much more anti-Trump than much of the country, skewing our sense of the common political temperature.

    But after the initial shock wore off, I had to admit Democrats were outsmarted. We lost. We need to figure out how and why.

    I’ve been trying to do that lately and frankly, my efforts are pissing off most of my liberal friends. While they’re wringing their hands and talking endlessly about white privilege, I’ve been realizing how this rhetoric has been failing. Racism, sexism, and other intolerance is a problem, to be sure… but Democrats have also been ignoring huge numbers of disenfranchised white voters while keep talking about subjective values without clear policy solutions. We’re ignoring other concerns while insulting whomever doesn’t agree with us.

    To this, many liberal friends have been saying “sure, but I’m not going to worry about the concerns of white voters until they recognize their own white privilege.”

    Okay, but how? What does that even mean? Telling the struggling midwest they don’t matter until they recognize how wrong they are isn’t going to work. Ever. We can recognize this and figure out better ways of mobilizing, or we can feel morally superior while we lose.

    Still, in a sense, the Republicans lost too. Because they didn’t want Trump as their nominee and key Republicans kept denouncing him. There is definitely anti-establishment energy in the air and I think Democrats need to start focusing less on political correctness and more on the economy. Political correctness obviously wasn’t working anyway, or Trump wouldn’t have happened.

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    1. Good point. We ALL lost this one. I’m democrat, but still there are Republicans in gov’t that I have respect for and I lost some when they endorsed trump. Thankfully, one of my favorites, McCain, I don’t think he ever endorsed him. Wasn’t it George W. that said he would be the last Republican president? (I don’t recall, but someone said it…) That is only the second time I have agreed with that man – if it was him. lol. Strange times.

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      1. Bush did say he would be the last (had to look up who said that to be sure, because so many Republicans spoke out against him), which seems shocking during an actual election. If McCain didn’t endorse him, I’m not surprised, since Trump specifically insulted McCain’s bravery as a POW.

        But then, I guess Trump wasn’t listening to any of them. The Republican party didn’t control him. Maybe that’s why he was so attractive to voters demanding a change, the anti-establishment vote.

        Which means a Sanders/Warren ticket may have had a better shot. Hard to say, since we can only speculate.

        I’m just hoping Trump knew what to say to appeal to his base, and doesn’t plan on doing half the stuff he said, lol

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      2. I’ve heard more than a few say Sanders would have been better, but my concern was the fact that Clinton could pull that moderate and/or republican vote… and honestly, it worked. Except for the electoral college… I’m not sure Sanders would have been any better. Although I secretly wish Clinton would have chosen him (or Warren) for VP… at least it would have been more interesting. lol

        And re: his ‘plans’… if it goes like his speeches, they’ll be on the teleprompter, he’ll go off on a tangent, upset some reporters, and hopefully not cause the next world war. The republicans have their hands full. lol

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      3. I wanted a Sanders or Warren for VP too! I’m guessing she was playing it safe?

        That electoral college kicked us again, just like with Gore. I just wasn’t expecting it to be that close, what with all of Trump’s shenanigans.

        Hey, maybe trump will shake up the two parties and start some interesting dialogue. Either way, at least the liberals can’t be held responsible for anything that happens in the next 4 years.

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