Why Public Confidence in Institutions is Eroding – Stanford Professor

Stanford Law & Political Science professor Francis Fukuyama discusses the ways in which the institutions of the 20th century Churches, Political Parties & Corporations have lost the trust of the general public.

Recognizing the significance of technology, Fukuyama argues this has made the malpractices from institutions more visible and accessible to the public. He further ponders the consequences of instant media on societal cohesion.

Can institutions regain our trust? Or what must happen to prevent societal breakdown and a post truth age?

4 thoughts on “Why Public Confidence in Institutions is Eroding – Stanford Professor

  1. Quiet revolutions and changes bring about shock. For example the Industrial Revolution – although a necessary change, tore communities apart, or when Darwin’s theory was published – it shocked the basic core of people’s happy lives. The world is changing and we must pop our filtered-bubble and adjust to it – Sol

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  2. Fukuyama – isn’t he the chap who wrote ‘the end of history and the last man’ ?
    If there was ever an example of some who sees the world through the lens of mainstream media it his him 😀 feel sorry for really …. I bet he wishes he could delete all traces of that book 😀

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  3. Can institutions regain our trust? Hmm… that depends… There’s too many post-truths out there to even start. Maybe we can start an anti-trust truth movement? That might work.

    What must happen to prevent the breakdown of society? A good dose of reality. A little bit of humility perhaps? Truth is relative in the technology age. When we take stories and boil them down to the bare bones we are left with mostly conjecture and subjective points-of-view. The facts themselves are less sexy, and never pan out… (where’s the fun in that?)

    Take one of the Clinton email scandals… which one? I don’t know… pick one. No one asked “why” we were getting the information. No one asked “how” that email, or this email affected the average, day-to-day spinning of the world. But somehow we were required to care that she had a personal server? That other secretary of states had owned themselves? Huh?

    If there were any graven images that this society is guilty of idolizing… it would be TRUTH in the form of the almighty DATA (Information). I personally don’t believe a lot of what I read or hear… and even if I do… I factor in myself into the equation. And guess what? 9 times out of 10, it doesn’t matter a whole hell of a lot to me if some state takes some person off of a ventilator per the courts’ and family’s decision – well, unless they are using the fight as a legal precedence to erode Roe v. Wade and that has nothing to do with their compassion for the person on the ventilator. (Yes, this is the story that made me first away of the Truth Brigade and Post-Truth society before it had a name…) Heartless? Maybe… Practical, definitely. Personally, fed up. Aren’t you?

    Apologies. I have been away too long. lol. 🙂

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