Why You Are Addicted to Social Media (It’s no Accident)

Tim Wu, Professor at Columbia Law School discusses the basic biology behind social media attachment.

Highlighting the psychological impulses based on the element of surprise, not knowing what’s going to happen next as well as the gratification involved with sharing and having posts ‘liked’.

This is a riveting biological and psychological assessment which is important to understand in the smartphone age.

A full Transcript can be found here:



3 thoughts on “Why You Are Addicted to Social Media (It’s no Accident)

  1. Another reason not to like (pun intended) WordPress’s model. lol. (They’re secretly programming us?)

    I’ve considered removing likes… what do they mean anyway? I got into this to write, to share stories, to do something fun… the last time I blogged, there were no ‘like’ buttons. And there was a lot more discussion going on. Hmm…

    Thanks for another great video! 🙂


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