Has Western Feminism Been Hijacked By SJW’s?

In this piece Jo Rogan speaks with Jordan Peterson to discuss some of the ideological misgivings of how Feminism is being framed and used to discuss things which aren’t about gender equality in America and the West.

While it is perhaps unfair to have a real discussion on this without a woman on the panel, the debate raises some key concerns about the dilution of Gender Equality and increasing victimology as opposed to female empowerment. 

What do you think? 

3 thoughts on “Has Western Feminism Been Hijacked By SJW’s?

  1. I enjoy watching Feminism grow in the United States and expand around the globe. But some in the Feminist movement completely missed the memo about equality, advocacy, and credibility. I and feminists should be concerned about Title IX and its mission creep regarding sexual assault. Recent campus investigations that turned into baseless witch hunts with false accusations will, in my opinion, hinder the progress of feminism in America and undoubtedly affect other nations based on how some provisions are misused. Victimology will continue to be an issue until Title IX provisions are removed and placed back in the hands of professional law enforcement equipped and trained to deal with such matters. Otherwise, campuses and universities will become more expensive and out of reach for the poor and incidentally women. After all, it was SJW’s rushing to judgment with noncredible statements perhaps doing more harm than good.

    Let’s face facts that not every woman wants to be a feminist. Just as every man doesn’t identify themselves as a man. This is where gender is so widely misunderstood that sometimes does irreparable harm rather than provide a pathway towards equality based on gender recognition. Some women especially in the southern United States enjoy family, homemaking and becoming a mother. For years I somewhat felt that these women were living in a pretend based world rather than standing up for equality and leadership roles. In fact what I witnessed were women that have been fully satisfied in roles that other women may find objectionable or stereotypical in nature. This is where feminist division splits with regards to female empowerment. The same situation could be easily in the Midwest or somewhere in Wyoming. The fact is that women have choices and opportunities to pursue. Some choose not to because they seek a sense of normalcy and traditional duty. This may be offensive to some. But this is purely my observation of my extended family as to why they do not play a more active role in feminism. Again, SJW’s in most cases brand all men the same completely disregarding the LGBTQ communities as an active part of gender and equality roles. It’s somewhat similar when an LGBTQ group called “Queer Nation” began protesting. Not all in the LGBTQ community supported what Queer Nation was doing yet it was the media official LGBTQ organization standing in front of the microphone during that particular period.

    For a feminist to gain better ground and move forcefully forward, it must begin to recognize gender issues within the LGBTQ community. Many women identify as men and men identify as women. Some are still questioning. Rather than female empowerment being brushed aside it should accurately define and welcome all that identify themselves based on their comfort gender roles. This is where leadership capabilities and victimology studies will be truly tested and hopefully applied equally. Otherwise, it’s a lost cause in the making, and feminism will lose ground only to be isolated towards a group of people that think exactly like each other. That is not the advocacy of rights of social, and economic equality. Instead, it becomes another women’s club with rigorous membership criteria standards leaving some feminists questioning what kind of advocate they are?

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  2. There is not enough room in this little comment box for what I think… I can’t even watch the whole video… my blood pressure was rising exponentially. Holy Crap. What a load of Crap.

    For someone that likes to speak of ‘coherence and consistency’ he’s pretty good with sweeping generalizations. I can post my senior thesis if he wants to know exactly why women fell behind in the 1970’s despite what he perceives as achieved EQUALITY.

    It boiled down to these things:
    – public policy that made having children a major financial burden (I guess we don’t need those ‘kid’ things, right?
    – an incumbent male population in power that willfully and knowingly overlooked grad school candidates that weren’t male or white for that matter…
    – a culture that still, to this day, attributes female gender associated behaviors as ‘weaker’… (yes, those are ‘weaker’… the fault is attributing them ALL to females…)

    I could spend days and a doctoral thesis tearing this ‘discussion’ apart.

    As learned as he claims to be… he has no clue what the hell he is talking about.

    Well, you asked what I thought. There you go. 😉

    If you want some more thoughts, I wrote about this subject a few months ago: https://canaryinthecoalminebook.wordpress.com/2016/08/19/segue-not-part-of-the-coalmine-well-maybe-it-is/


  3. i am reminded of this moral code which i want to relate. Resepect means equality. One way or another it implies to everything people needs to be reminded of.


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