Why Watching Vlogs Can Destroy Your Mental Health

Vlogging (video-blogging) and vloggers have taken the internet by storm and garnered massive followings across social media. However this video questions whether they are both corrosive for the creator and the audience.

Vlogs, while presented as organic diary entries of a person’s life are always artificial. They are edited and tailored to an audience and not an accurate presentation of one’s actual life.

The danger, especially for younger people, is expecting their own lives to be as exciting of that as the vlogger and feeling depressed and inadequate in comparison. Vlogs can be really valuable, inspiring and entertaining but it is fundamental that we realise that they are performances and give an exaggerated example of someones actual life.

This is an emerging topic and something definitely worth thinking about.

12 thoughts on “Why Watching Vlogs Can Destroy Your Mental Health

  1. I actually do enjoy vlogs but I agree with you. They do create a reality distortion field of sorts when you’re idealizing people based on edited and often time scripted snapshots of their lives.

    Also thank you for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed this post.

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  2. No arguments here… Nice post. It’s a relatively new medium, so it’s all in how it is presented, and viewed, and well, perceived. Will it stay? Who knows… I thought reality TV would be gone by now…

    Question though: Are we including YouTube ‘stars’ that post videos of them playing video games, etc.? Is that still ‘vlogging’? Or are you only including those ‘heartfelt’ diary like ones?

    My concern, overall, is that, regardless, kids are watching other people ‘do’ things… and aren’t doing anything themselves. And yes, eventually that seeps into a person’s feelings of self-worth. And kids, especially, don’t understand what they are seeing… and now that I think of it… a lot of adults too…

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  3. Thanks for the insight and one I would normally agree with – perhaps I still do.

    I was listening to Tim Ferris the other day (talking to Shay Carl. Though because of recent news, perhaps not the best example) and they have some interesting thoughts about daily vlogging.

    I would leave some room for the idea that daily vlogging (at least for a short time) might give valuable insight into yourself, much like blogging or journaling.

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  4. Good point. I’ll admit I’ve watched quite a few sailing and sailboat vlogs. Some are quite honest and sincere, whereas others just feel like their vanity is detrimental to humanity.

    I’m sticking to watching videos of people who are crafty with fixing and giving tips on maintaining boats. Just learn a lot more that way.

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  5. Very astute observation. I recently read a report (I think in the Guardian) that many young people accumulate huge credit card debts because they do their version of keeping up with the Joneses. They copy what they see on social media, which, as you say, is a polished, false, artificial image. They then post their own inflated experiences, fooling the next bunny.

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