Why No One is Reading The News Anymore

Gay Talese analyses whether journalism has become a failed profession. And whether journalists going from outsiders looking in to events, to partisan insiders of particular causes has destroyed the functions of a public media


what at do you think?

3 thoughts on “Why No One is Reading The News Anymore

  1. Another great video! Thanks!

    An interesting perspective too… from the journalist POV. I don’t know if I agree with him completely… but I do acknowledge that society as a whole is suffering from some sort of freakish upper class entitlement frenzy… it’s just that journalists are an easier sample and available for scrutiny…

    I have talked to contractors who bristled at the thought of being forced to pay employees above minimum wage or provide them insurance… etc. they saw their work as their cash cow and the workers honorable sacrifices or willing victims, depending…

    Ugh… diverging from my point… sorry. Anyway… I see the journalists he speaks of like I do that contractor. Everyone wants a check to cash… but they don’t want to write any.

    (I think that made sense. Lol) 😂

    Thanks again!

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  2. Once journalists saw what they did with Watergate, they decided they wanted to change the world. What they didn’t stop to realize was that the Watergate story came from one of the most basic, pound-the-payment beats in the newsroom–the police beat. Watergate happened because of old-fashioned journalism, but was used to create advocacy journalism. It happened at a time when journalism was moving away from crusty high school-educated men who knew how to sniff out a story to a bunch of suburbanites with BAs (and all the half-baked social theory that goes with one of those). Add to that the dominance of television news, which made the dailies feel self-conscious about not being able to report on news as it happens. This led them to concentrate on crackpot analysis and front running (placing themselves in front of a trend to make themselves look like they either called it or even caused it).

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