The Complete Disintegration of Public Morality

Philosopher & University professor Slavoj Zizek discusses Trump, Brexit and the future of Capitalism. A riveting interview which elucidates some of the Key questions and quarrels of today’s global issues.

One thought on “The Complete Disintegration of Public Morality

  1. “Why this pressure?” LOL. Beautiful. That is what the conservative part of my psyche has been saying for years now… too funny.

    Still don’t understand why a Marxist hates that socialist Hillary. It’s all in your perspective, I suppose. I think if a conservative American, average Joe, could get past the accent and listen to him talk about these issues near and dear to them… they would still be confused and perplexed.

    Interested in that paper on Hegel… The dialectic is one of the many ideological reasons that we have a 2 party system in the US… and of how the legal system is organized… and, well, hate or blame him. Wonder which view he took? (Thumbs up. Thumbs down?)

    Nice post and interview. Very well interviewed and answered. Thanks (again!) 🙂


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