Are we closer to a Utopia than we think?

Owen Jones interviews Dutch writer Rudger Bregman on his new book “Utopia for realists”.

This is a riveting discussion on the idea of utopia. Is it a dangerous concept?   Or can it be used to reboot the welfare model of capitalism and shape a better global future?

5 thoughts on “Are we closer to a Utopia than we think?

  1. Posting a response to this tomorrow… please don’t be offended. I believe in the ideal, just not the creative impetus from Sir Thomas More’s worldview… you’ll see. 😉

    Thanks again for some great videos and thoughts.

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  2. His ideas makes sense when you look at his goal: Utopia. However, you can only achieve that through government force. There’s no such thing as free cash. Someone has to end up paying and that person would be the average taxpayer. And the only way government can force people to pay is through force. When you are forced to do something you lose your liberty. When you lose your liberty through government force it is no different from Stalin’s Gulags or Hitler’s concentration camps. The best way to protect someone’s liberty is through a capitalistic, limited government standpoint. If private individuals want to give people in Africa jobs, than that’s wonderful but leave government out of it.


  3. Keep working hard, be original and good things will come, you will find your utopia. Would love your thoughts on our latest short called Eaten an Eskimo, your feedback is wanted and we hope to see you there at Gastradamus

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