How Social Media is Shaping Our Thought Patterns

In this extraordinary clip Dr. Dan Siegel, clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine reveals how social media is actually physically rewiring our brains.

The addictive nature of social media has become starkly apparent as anyone who takes public transport will be aware. Yet its capacity to manipulate and reshape our brains is something not often discussed and something parents should be particularly aware of in relation to exposing their children to smartphones.


5 thoughts on “How Social Media is Shaping Our Thought Patterns

  1. Intuitively, you know right away that Dr. Siegel’s main concern is valid. But I’d like to hear him talk about emotional-thinking vs critical-thinking. It seems to me that successful social media is geared to appeal to human emotions. Social media is much more than text. Think of the images, video and audio.

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  2. And thus, he just described, neurologically, the millennial generation (and those who quickly formed similar attributes)…

    Surface = ‘superficial’ (i.e. superficial relationships… “dumping friends for something more fun, from the previous talk…”)

    And what he is also talking about is a loss of pragmatic skills. Which will also lead to a loss of semantical meaning (or confusions about)… Plus, we are physical, dimensional beings… in how we perceive the world…

    Beyond that, I only disagree on one point… the inclusion of email (unless it’s those stupid ‘wishing you ill-will’ or meme forwards…). Email is letter-writing… and that is an old skill and way of communicating (and maintaining relationships) across distances… It’s a moot point though… no one emails anymore. (Miss it… it was a great replacement for letter writing for a while there… no stamp required.)

    PS… sorry I missed the “motivation” one… (busy, busy) I didn’t get a chance to weigh in… but I disagreed with her definition of it in the first place. The word, quite literally, means ‘the act of moving’… it is not something you ‘have’… it can be something you don’t have… by default. If. You. Are. Not. Moving. lol.

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