What Makes A Writer Happy?

In this interesting piece, Simon Cade analyses the artistic process and asks what are the things that make a content creator happy.

How do you filter out critics? How do you begin to trust your intuition and progress as an artist? Cade argues the key to being a happy creator is interpretation.

It is how you interpret self doubt, discontent with your work, or criticism from others that defines your growth as a creator. And that the most successful and happy artists are not those who never fail but those who never quit.

3 thoughts on “What Makes A Writer Happy?

  1. Thanks for sharing. I especially like and agree with Cade’s closing remarks:

    “[T]he people who feel the sting of their own inadequacies and then keep working at it, they are the ones that eventually find the magic.”

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  2. Thanks for this. Good to know I’m always standing at the edge of greatness. 😉 (Kidding)

    Seriously. I, as a rule, hate everything I write. And that isn’t just because I learned back in my journalism school days that the quickest way to NOT have my story chosen by the editor was if I thought it was awesome. lol

    Thanks again! 😊

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