What Makes You A “Good” Person?

In this riveting video Robert Sapolsky examines moral failure or people’s inability to resist temptation from a neurological perspective.

Is being “good” a question of training our impulses to do the right thing? Using reason to navigate our way through life’s temptations and arriving at a morally good answer?

Maybe. However this video points to research that suggests rather than trusting reason of “oh I should never cheat in an exam because X, Y and Z reason” that being in a state of mind of “you don’t cheat. fullstop.”  is far more likely to yield success in the long term.

This is an interesting analysis of the inner processes and dialogue of the brain when presented with moral challenges and how we can achieve desired result.


What do you think..?

2 thoughts on “What Makes You A “Good” Person?

  1. my mom says there’s a black dot in the yang and that’s why the fullstop is confusing. like it’s made up., which is fine, but its not real. maybe

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  2. I grew up a Catholic so moral values were drummed into me, at school and at home. To this day I simply cannot take anything that isn’t mine or tell a lie without turning beet red. I believe conditioning works more on some people than others, but it does work…like a habit with a halo. 🙂

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