Op-Ed: When Philosophy and Superheroes collide, word limit is the first collateral damage

Canary in the coalmine

My personal goal this week was to not post any blogs.

The goal was meant to be a direct, karmic, yin-yang, balancing act to last week’s attempt to post every day, 7 days in a row.

The attempt of posting and not posting, was a practice meant as a material representation of the ambivalence reflected in Byron’s “Prisoner of Chillon” which I posted almost a week ago:

“Fettered or fetterless to be,

I learned to love despair.”

I made it through Sunday. No post whims.

Easy. No pics. Therefore, nothing to write for Sunday Dinner.

Monday, well, that’s a given.

It’s 10:20 am as I type this now… no chance of posting today…

…but now…? I have failed… yet again.

This means, yes my crickets, another Debate Tuesday. I know… I’m supposed to stay around 300… *sorry*
As some of you know… I am a comic book geek.

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