What is The Difference Between Justice & Revenge?

Dr. Cornell West provides some excellent insight into the role of hope, imagination and empathy in carving a better more just world in the face of catastrophe and misery.

Quoting some of the worlds best known dreamers and doers, West offers a compelling vision of justice and how it differs from the bitter and counter intuitive idea of revenge or retribution.

A must watch!

5 thoughts on “What is The Difference Between Justice & Revenge?

  1. Too often the ideas are conflated, revenge is vindictive, personal and disproportionate, justice is a meagre substitute for those needing revenge but it is the best we have to preserve peace.

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    1. Ye i think so too, the lines can get blurred when you look at criminal sentencing though. What do we do with people who have committed heinous crimes? Most people in America and indeed many parts of the world would be outraged by the Scandinavian model which has no retribution. With open prisons and strong education and other facilities for prisoners, this model seeks to rehabilitate and retrain those who have committed even the worst of crimes. (Anders Brevik in Norway rings a bell) would this work in other countries or do we like to see people who commit horrible crimes be punished? (Also I got your email will reply asap!)


      1. Given the recidivism rates in this country I’m not convinced the education model would work here. The scandis seem to have an approach that is so entrenched in their culture that I can see why it might work there but I don’t think there’s the will, the culture or the tolerance for it here.


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