A Very Nuclear Future: Friend or Foe?

 by Sujitha Parshi   “So much potential in that boy. I’ll tell you now, in fifty years if he isn’t at the top of his class, there really is no hope for humanity.” Atom had felt proud. With gleaming eyes and a gap-toothed smile, he’d looked at his teacher, grateful for the compliment. It was a kind of proud he’d least expected from someone as flustered … Continue reading A Very Nuclear Future: Friend or Foe?

Bhagavan Must Have Made Something?!

Author: Rabia Khan My mother teaches Kindergarten kids; almost every day she will tell us some interesting thing that happened in her class. One of my favorites is when she was taking an Islamiat (Islamic studies) class Under the Constitution of Pakistan it is compulsory for schools to teach Islamiat to Muslim students, no special programs are made for non-Muslim students who most of the time have … Continue reading Bhagavan Must Have Made Something?!

Is First Lady a Demeaning Role?

  What is the role of First Lady? Is it a dated, patriarchal role or has it evolved into something worthwhile and meaningful? The first lady’s role has never been codified or officially defined in the U.S, yet she figures prominently in the political and social life of the nation. Since 1790s the role of first lady has changed considerably. It has come to include involvement … Continue reading Is First Lady a Demeaning Role?

The Fight for Fairness

Author: Revels Once upon a very British time, when the crown ruled quite a lot of the world, there lay in Asia, a country famous for its heat and spices – India, a majestic land with a thrilling history of battle, love and trade. At one time or another, the different groups that resided within or without it had ruled India, although usually partially, some factions … Continue reading The Fight for Fairness

Battle of the Ages: Stuck in Reverse

Author: Revels In Pakistan, one’s life revolves around what is socially acceptable or unacceptable. Growing up, a person is expected to agree to whatever he is being told, to comply with whatever decisions are made for him, to silently nod at what the ‘elders’ of the family think is right. Before I start, I’d like to make clear that though the situation is improving somewhat, we … Continue reading Battle of the Ages: Stuck in Reverse

Why Words Matter: Turkey vs. Europe

In this panel discussion Author & social commentator Elif Shafak talks about the degrading and increasingly hostile relationship between Turkey & Europe. In doing so she compares the rising nationalism in Europe to the rising Islamism in Turkey. This is an excellent overview of Shafak’s views on cosmopolitanism and extremism. Believing that extremism flourishes when identities are concentrated to a mono form. Be it “you … Continue reading Why Words Matter: Turkey vs. Europe

How to Avoid the Society Trap

Do we live in a world where someone will always have to work a horrendous job they have no connection or interest in? Or can we restructure society and trade back to its roots of individuals contributing and bartering with one another in order to create a symbiotic relationship and community? Here Joe Rogan analyses the structures of a globalized society in which most people … Continue reading How to Avoid the Society Trap