Faith in Humanity

The World needs dreamers and the World needs doers, but most importantly the world needs dreamers that do.” 

Faith in Humanity is a weekly segment dedicated to documenting the work of an inspiring and influential figure who changed the world for the better.

Planned Launch Date September 2017.

6 thoughts on “Faith in Humanity

  1. When you get this started, perhaps keep in mind small groups and grassroots movements as well as individuals. There can be various limits to leadership, including reliance on said leaders and, in some cases, the distraction of celebrity. Community, which is lacking in many places, is at least possible and ripe for development just about anywhere, and it can accomplish wonders. I’m thinking of a local group that protected a fragile watershed from development by Aristotle Onassis, many decades ago. Shining a light on group efforts as well as on individual passion and commitment, will more thoroughly inspire faith and participation in positive change, I think. Thanks for the “like,” and keep the conversation going!

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