Why Religious Schooling Should Be Abolished

Afua Hirsch describes how segregating children based on their parents faith harms integration and divides communities. As school is an integral part of preparing a child for life surely they should be in an environment where they are exposed to people from all backgrounds, make friends and learn to respect and tolerate everyone’s views.

Rather than being in an artificial, concentrated bubble of like minded people and creating an “us” versus them” and being educated from a narrow perspective. What do you think? Do Faith based schools divide people along religious and class lines? And should a proper inclusive state run schooling system be a requirement of any inclusive secular government?

5 thoughts on “Why Religious Schooling Should Be Abolished

  1. I wonder what the stats are here in the US… every town has at least one private Christian school. Mine? It has at least 5 (though only 2 go to 12th grade)….

    Then there’s a LARGE community of home-schoolers.

    Some of the worst, most judgmental and class-based comments were from one such high school event I attended…

    So yes… agreed that public funding should NOT be tied to them.

    Disagree that the government has the legal right to remove them altogether though…

    Wouldn’t want to be fascists after all.😏

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  2. I attended a Catholic school, although I am Church of England (Protestant). I would now classify myself as an agnostic. However the education I received was of a high standard and we certainly where taught to respect everyon, irrespective of their belief system. My school was part funded by charity and part by the state. I think that in a free society people should be extremely wary of interfering with the right of parents to send their children to religious schools. I live in the UK and religious schools are funded here (I believe rightly so). Kevin


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