Why Brexit Was an Anguished Cry For Community

In this powerful, insightful interview Owen Jones speaks to actor Martin Sheen about Working Class Britain.

He describes how you cannot underestimate the power of the “take back control” message. You are talking about communities that have lost all sense of control in terms of de-industrialisation, globalisation and abandonment from central government.

However this is  little to do with EU membership but needs to be tackled at a domestic level; measures such as co-operatives, credit unions and community governance which can alleviate many of the stresses and anxieties communities face in 2016.

This is a wonderful interview and well worth a watch in full.

2 thoughts on “Why Brexit Was an Anguished Cry For Community

  1. Martin Sheen has put into words what a lot of us feel. I voted for Breakfast and am angry that we are not going to be fed. We do need control – we don’t want a self-interested pen-pusher from another country making decisions whereby we have to close down our industries and pay taxes so that they can be transported to another country while we live off food banks and hand outs – we want a purpose in life and feel part of our own country. We don’t want to become indigenous dinosaurs who are frightened to open our mouths in case people call us awful names like “Racist”.

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  2. This comment box isn’t big enough to hold all my thoughts on this issue. I am just glad that someone is finally talking sense… Bigots are everywhere these days. We have implemented a whole new world-view of ACCEPTANCE… yet, those that believe in Acceptance won’t accept those that disagree with them?

    How is that okay? No wonder the conversation has gotten so vitriolic and bitter… and left those fringe populations open to being manipulated by people that want to do nothing but use that anger to serve their own agendas. Sound familiar?


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